Jan 20, 2013

Love from 1875

This year for Christmas JB found the most meaningful gift.  He really did outdo himself.  You'll have to read to understand the significance.  I am typing part of the letter he included with these gifts, well the beginning anyway.  The last part is about my Mia and I will share later.  Just so you are not confused...  he addresses the letter to B.  We have called each other "B" from when we were first married.  There is no reason why, it just was an instinctual part of being married for us.  We use it in the same way other married couples would say "hun."  We are B.


      Since Mia's birthstone is the ruby each necklace has this stone.  Throughout history this stone has been known for being "good for the heart," a stone of love, energy, passion, and zest for life.  The ruby is the perfect symbol for powerful feelings. 

      I am most excited for these love tokens.  There is a really neat history behind them which makes them special.  In the 18th and 19th centuries, engraved coins were widely given as an expression of love.  Often men couldn't afford to buy a ring, so they would save up for the largest coin denomination they could afford. They would personalize it, and give it to their loved one upon asking for their hand in marriage.  One side of the coin would be sanded down and engraved with the girl's initials or sometimes their name.  Other decorative engravings were also commonly added as well. 

      The coins were carried by the woman throughout their marriage.  Often a hole was added to the coin turning it into a necklace.  Some were also made into pins allowing it to be worn close to the heart.  

       Since the engravings were done by common men, it is amazing to see the detail and quality of many of the coins.  
       These love tokens were also given when the husband would leave for war or other journeys.  These were kept by their wives as a precious and cherished gift.  Some of these tokens have withstood time and now continue to serve as a testament of love.  

       This gift seemed very special to me because they are a symbol for love and remembrance of a person who is faraway and greatly loved.  Mia is on a journey that we are yet to join.  Hold this close to our heart.  These coins have survived for over 150 years and now belong to you.  

The necklace of ruby beads.  It is the most beautiful necklace of love.  What it represents is priceless to me.  Mia's birthstone is so beautiful. I also love the heart charm. It is perfect.  

 The token from 1875.  That is so long ago. It gives me a feeling of hope for some reason.  Perhaps It will now be passed down in my family and be symbolic as something very significant to them.  I love that he found something so meaningful and symbolic of our girlie.  She is on a journey and looking at the date makes me feel like we will be reunited soon... in less time than has passed since this coin was created.  

The back side of this coin has the initials MM.  My little Mia Marie came into this world so full of light.  My sweet husband and his quest to comfort me with these tokens is overwhelming. They mean so much to me!  He told me that he and a friend have been looking for one of these since her birth.  They are very difficult to find with the right initials on them.
I can't believe they actually found one to represent my little Mia.
I love the addition of the ruby and pink bird.  This is very precious to me.

This coin actually has MIA engraved on the backside.
It is a little difficult to tell but there is an I and an A inside of a an M.
After receiving these I did some research on the internet, and am even more impressed this was found.  I think this coin must be from a different country, but it does not have a date.

This is the front side of the coin.

It would be so neat to know who owned these previously... and what their story was.  I want to know the love stories behind these love tokens.  Who was the "MM" originally intended for?  Was her husband going to war?  Was it a wedding token?  I know I will never know, but I enjoy imagining their lives and how much they loved each other.

As soon as I saw the box that they were beautifully wrapped in I knew from the monogram on the tag that these necklaces were put together by one of our friends.  Laura Frandsen, Thank You!
You are so thoughtful and talented- thank you for helping JB give me the sweetest gift.
This is truly the most thoughtful gift I have ever heard of let alone been given.

I love you JB!
This was the best gift a girl with a broken heart could have received. 
Thank you so much!  I still can't believe you have been looking for these for four years.  
You make me feel so loved!

These last few months I have received some entertaining emails about how people think it not possible for him to be so sweet and thoughtful.  It is possible and he is this thoughtful.  This is the most beautiful and loving gift.
I know I have it good in the husband department.
We both miss our girl so much, I am very grateful to still have him and our other beautiful children still on the earth.  I will wear these necklaces knowing that despite feeling so very heartbroken that I am very loved by a man who steals my heart over and over again.