Jan 17, 2013

New Year's Eve

New Year's eve we got together with some friends and family to play a game called Rolick.  
It is basically charades but everyone is acting and one person is guessing.  
We played girls against boys. 
It was fun. 
The girls won. 
We had Maya (Leesy's daughter) on our team- she was our secret weapon. 

I am not sure what any of these charades were, but I think the top left is chapstick

A little before midnight the kids joined us for the countdown. 
They went outside and made a lot of noise-
We provided too many noise makers. 
Sammers especially loved his noise maker. 

One of our friends left early, but here are the ladies a few minutes after midnight.  
Our friends that live on our street grew up with my friend Leesy now they both live here... crazy. 

It was a fun evening and a much needed distraction from the usual NOT FUN everyday happenings in my life.  We laughed a lot.  It felt nice. 

I think my favorite part of the night was when Chris and Ken were trying to act out caterpillar.  It  was hilarious! John kept saying inch worm over and over.  
At one point he was more or less shouting... 
"an inchworm turns into a butterfly!" 
Completely made my night. 
He now knows that it is indeed the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly.  :-)  

I didn't make any new year's resolutions.  I would like to get caught up on blogging about Mia's funeral.  That was my one goal.  Every time I sit down to do it, I end up writing about something else.  It was the second worst day of my life.  There were some beautiful moments, but it just seems like pushing it out of my mind helps me not to loose it.  

I will get to it eventually.  I will just need a lot of time alone, and that doesn't happen very often. 
Thank goodness for that!

I am very grateful for my family- grateful I have Sammers to care for throughout the day and keep me company.  He is the best little companion and I wish I could give him back his best play mate.  

2013- It will be interesting to see what this year brings.  
I have always looked forward to, and been excited about the future. 
That is not the case this year.  
It will definitely be a year of doing things differently.  

Despite not looking forward to my future,
It was a fun night
Thanks to all who came-