Jan 5, 2013

Remembering Mia- little sister

Mia, the very best little sister!
She went along with everything Ellie ever wanted to do.  

Mia had her nails painted, then painted over at least twice a week.
Her outfit changed at least once a day-
her hair pretty rotated too.

Mia is such a sweetie pie.  
There were times that she insisted on doing her own thing and Ells would have to take a back seat to what Mia had planned, but for the most part Mia was thrilled to play whatever was presented to her. She usually did everything with a little hop and a skip- post about that later.  

Such a happy little girl.  
These sisters- best of friends.  

I miss her happy face today so much. 
Everyday I wake up to a what feels like a swift slap in the face.
Mia always snuggled me every single morning...
She would request:

"I wanna snuggol you."

Every morning she is not here to snuggle feels like another day of torture.  
It is so difficult to live with out her.  
I will always need that "snuggol."