Jan 30, 2013


This little boy saves my life every day.  He says and does the sweetest things.  I took this picture after a long session of rough housing.  I want to carve this little face into my memory. AND his crazy hair.  

Here are a few things about my little man that I don't ever want to forget about.

When he wants something opened he requests: "Can you hatch this for me?"  He mostly uses this phrase for oranges, peanuts or any food that has an outer layer.  I love that he knows the word hatch, and the fact that he uses it to ask that things be opened, more than melts my heart.

He calls a drinking fountain a "drinking Mountain."  Also, extremely cute thing to say!

When I am doing the dishes, or any cleaning something, he asks me the same question every time, "Mom, you cleanin' up?"

Sammers has learned the art of complimenting women at age two, and he is really good at it.  Any time we are doing hair (Ellie and I) Sammers will announce, "that hair is soo good."  The "soo good" transfers to other things too.  "That shirt is sooo good."  "That neckwass is soo good."  When he gets ready for church he is keenly aware that it is himself that looks "soo good."  He will often say, "Sammy shirt, and pants is soo good."

He also helps me put on make up... on the days I actually wear make up.  He sits right in my lap and hands me everything one by one.  He will instruct me by saying, "this one?"  and I take the mascara or whatever from his hands and put it on.  Sometimes he wants certain items repeated and I always agree with his "diss one again?" plea.  My favorite thing about this time we share is how after every application he will comment, "that yooks (looks) good." He says it so matter-of-factly and does not pause before handing me the next one.  I can't help but smile and squeeze him.  

This boy needs to be right in the mix.  If I am cooking... he is right there on the stool.  He is the best little buddy and does not want to miss anything.  It works out great because I really like having this kid around.

This two year old is keeping me on my toes but spends plenty of time snuggling me as well.  He asks, "mom, I want to nuggle to you."  He generally replaces the word "to" when he is trying to communicate "for."  "Is that present to me?"  "Is it time to Thomas?"  "That's to mom/that's to dad."  His use of "to" is so sweet and I hope he keeps saying "to" for a long time.  It makes me happy!

He is 100% addicted to his "blayntdees" and his favorite one is his "pink one."  It is one of Mia's baby blankets that he commandeered.  He wants it every time he cries.  I think it is sweet that he needs that blanket so much.  We are always doing a mad search for "pink one."  Another thing he does that is really sweet is that every time he cries he will always say, "I miss Mia."  I know he has heard this phrase a lot and definitely associates crying with missing Mia.  It is tender that anytime he gets hurt or is upset he says he is crying because he misses his Mia.  Oh my heart!

His favorite show is Thomas, and he has a few "accidents happen" Thomas crashing videos he loves too.  Some time I can sneak in a bo on the go or a gabba gabba.  Both of those shows make me cry because Mia loved them so much.  I just miss her singing along and doing the movements.  She was such a bright light in my life- always happy.

Sam is still the king of the pouty lip.  If something doesn't go his way he silently protests with his monster protruding lower lip.  I could not love this boy more.

Ok- last one.  Sam has a whistle, a train whistle, and a little play flute.  All day today he has been playing various instruments.  He calls blowing into anything "horning."  He is definitely at the stage where he ads -ing- to random words... so smart.  This one had me rolling.  He would announce.  "I'm  horning to you."  "Mom, listen... I'm horning."  and my personal favorite he would march around horning knowing I was watching and stop look at me, shrug his shoulders and say, "I'm just horning."  He also asked my friend to "horning."  She got a good laugh.

Sammers, when you are grown please know how much your mama needed you.  I will soak you up forever because you are endearing and charming and goofy!  Love you to the moon my boy!