Jan 23, 2013

Special Snack

* Another blog by daddy.  I have to laugh at the last paragraph.  He believes it unlikely that there is something more "tasty" than ketchup.  This man and his ketchup!  Sushi?... yes please! but oysters with ketchup!?  yikes. 

Ellie and I have a tradition.  We call it special snack.  At least once a week when it is bedtime and she should be climbing into bed, we sneak downstairs and crack open a tin of smoked oysters and have a little snack party.  She really loves the exclusivity and she especially loves the fun of devouring something that others think is "dizcusting."  The look on her face tells all.  Our special blend is saltine cracker, oyster, ketchup, and pound it!  Delicious.  We have tried to get Jens to join our club, but he wants nothing to do with these little beauties.  We gave some to Sammy recently and the boy scarfed it down, came back for seconds and thirds.  Looks like our club may have a new member!  Mimi wants nothing to do with oysters, so looks like we have reached maximum club member capacity.

We recently added sushi (California Roll) to the list of acceptable special snacks.  Ellie is so fun, I told her about sushi, talked up how gross sushi is with the raw fish, then went and bought it to see if she would partake.  First bite she had a crazy look in her eye, but since then hasn't looked back.  Of course, we buy the ones made with crab, so nothing too strange.

Squeeze out that delicious ketchup!

Does anyone else eat smoked oysters?  What sauce do you use?  I love the taste, and remember loving it when I was a kid; but realize that though unlikely, somewhere there just might be a tastier combo than what we have going on here.  Have yet to discover something better.