Jan 20, 2013


Sundance Getaway!

Back in the beginning of december we went to Sundance for the weekend.
It was 100% exactly what JB and I needed.
I was a little nervous to go because I cry a lot, not just at night... during the day and when I wake up.  I didn't want to be the girl crying all weekend, but I knew if I was going to curb my sobbing sessions that these were the people to make that happen.  Chris and Rebecca were flying in from Washington and His brother was roommates with Chris Jones who met both of their wives (Leesy and Sage) while working on the river.  AND Sage was at Ricks at the same time as Suzie (my sister) was and they ended up on the same mission.  So many connections.

It was a splendid mix of couples!
I did not take one picture the entire weekend- luckily we were with i-phone users.
Thanks for emailing these to me.
Pictures are the only thing propelling this blog forward. 

JB and CP watching some funny you tube video I'm sure. 
There seems to be a lot of you tube video swapping among this crowd.  
I didn't realize just how many funny youtube videos are out there.

A not so friendly little game of rummikub.  I won't disclose who is a sore loser, but let's just say when things weren't going his way he "accidentally" mixed up all the tiles.
He cracks me up. 

We all gained a few lbs over the course of a few days.  
We brought a ridiculous amount of food, and just kept eating and eating and eating. 
If eating were the goal of the weekend, we accomplished our goal. 

More games more games more games.
We played a lot of different games... and laughed a lot!

Warm it up Chris!

I actually earned zero points on one of my turns.  
Yikes! Sorry ladies!
The cards fall so quickly!

Stop Watch!
This is John's favorite game.  

Sage with both feet off the ground.  
I don't remember what she was acting out, but she is the Guesstures queen!

Michael Pierce!
Must use his full name according to the Jones'

CP- the competitor extraordinare.

Leesy took these pictures so there is not one of her- 
Rebecca refuses to have pictures taken of her- luckily there is one!

The boys

JB, "honez" and Zach Brown Band!

I think Mike looks just like Zach Brown Band guy- I'm bummed there is no picture of him with his beanie on.  Maybe he can email me one to throw on here.  
It's a strong resemblance .. in my opinion.  

Me and Leesy
I missed the memo about pulling a face.  

I love me a good photo bomb!
Great Job Michael Pierce!

Sundance Getaway was the most OK I have been since October. 
Thank you for such a great time!
Also, a big thank you to the Hillam family for letting us stay in their charming, built by hand, perfect for us cabin.

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