Jan 23, 2013

Surprise parties all around

Surprise to auntie "WAY"! 

My seester Rae had a birthday a couple weeks back.  Ken and my seester Boondocks (John's nickname for her) orchestrated a surprise party for her.  
She flew in for the weekend with her sweet baby girl. 
We met at a Thai food restaurant for the big surprise.   

Sam being the ladies man that he is spent his evening on the laps of my sisters.  
This particular moment Sam kept telling nat, 
"I've got my eye on you!"
It was very cute and funny to hear him say that... 
and to witness him actually putting his eye on her. 

Happy Birthday Rae- Well happy day for everyone who got to eat the delicious Costco Chocolate cake.  I used to think I wanted to work at Costco in the bakery, now I know that would be a disaster.  Having this chocolate cake calling my name everyday... bad idea. 

Sammers got to give the birthday girl a hug, and then proceeded to monopolize her during the entire dinner.  He did spend time playing the drums with a spoon and fork on Nana's lap.  

Each person seems to be stationed at their post in these pics.  

Ells stationed at the wherever a baby is, that is where I want to be post.
Baby Cow at the don't mind me, I'll just smile non stop post. 
Sammers holding firmly at the if you are a female and related to my mom 
get ready to hold me post.
Ava at the I'm really cute and I know my face compels you to hold me, 
but I might panic if you try post. 

Auntie Nats with the kiddos. 

Little Blondies. 

We turned the tables on Boo.  Her birthday is a few weeks after Raegan's so we got to sing to her before she flew back home.  She is the baby of the fam, and sometimes I call Sam "Boonie" on accident.  It just happens.   

My oldest sister lives far away, but five of us got to be together.
My sisters are the best!
I love how Sammers is photo bombing this picture.  

It is nice to be with family.  
It is difficult at the same time.  
It always feels like something is missing. 
All conversations somehow feel a little bit jaded.  
My mind often wonders off thinking about how Mia would just be loving life playing with the cousins and how happy I was when she would come in the room.  

She just had the most pleasant demeanor.  Always happy!  
I miss her a lot and learning to live without her is like "learning" how to fall flat on your face every time you move.  I manage to get up for a few minutes only to fall back down, with the sting on my face from the weight of my body.  It's a difficult and painful cycle.  I wish I had an opt out on some days.  Can I opt out of the pain for a day?  Will it ever not hurt to be here without her?  

Why do children go to Heaven before their parents!?! Why!?!   

Once again, I try to post something without my internal conflict .. I just can't.  It's on my mind all the time.  I can get through the gatherings, but I can't get through the truth.  
The truth being that I will probably be sad, to a degree, for the rest of my life.