Jan 23, 2013

That's my boy

*This blog was written by JB a few months ago.  I like when he makes an appearance on here so my kids will have some of his stories when they read back on their lives.  A big thank you to my friend Jenn and sisters Beeps and Bethie for sending me hard bound copies of my blog.  I really enjoyed reading back in an actual book.  

Jensen has always been a good buddy to have around.  He loves projects, cars, tools, building etc.  When I stop to fuel up the car, he has the hood popped and oil checked whether I really want him to or not.  He knows how to find a fuse that is blown, and the proud look on his face as he pulls out the old and installs the new is priceless.  When he was younger we would put my truck up on a jack and take the tire off, only to put it back on again.  He had been involved in tire rotations and brake jobs, so when he would ask if we could work the truck I couldn't refuse.  He thought we were doing a job that needed to be done and it was so cute.  Now that he has his go-cart he loves to wrench on it.  When we bought this little beauty the tires were already bald, but he rode the thing until they wouldn't even hold air, due to all the holes he had acquired.  The day that the new tires arrived I was entertaining some guests with no time to install them.  He was bummed and I thought he had moved on to something else...a few minutes later he walked into the house carrying his two back tires.  I love that he figured out how to get them off on his own.  He had gotten the jack out of my car, figured out how to straighten and remove the cotter pin, and broke the big nut free.  Atta boy Jense!  Seeing him walk in with those tires, not even phased by the obstacle of removal and my original response to not help; made me one proud dad.  I knew I was roped in after that.  My bro was there and told me how to remove a tire from a rim and how to mount it, like it was some simple task.  I remember him saying I just needed a tire iron and a couple screw drivers.  Simple!  I couldn't go to the tire store since they were all closed, so myelf, my buddy Jim, and my bro-in-law Nathan embarked on what would be a three hour tire wrestling match.  We were victorious in the end.  Jensen, I love you buddy, and I love that you are both able and so excited about our mechanic adventures.