Jan 4, 2013

The day the world was SUPPOSED to end

My sister had a birthday a few weeks ago. 
For her birthday I took her to my friend Missy who is a professional make-up artist. 
I thought it would be a fun thing to do and heaven knows I need to leave my house. 

Aunt Nat's before the make up- She is uber beautiful without make-up.
That is why it is ok for me to post before pictures of her :-)


Happy Birthday Nats!  I love you and your face!
Thanks Missy for the fun while it lasted- and sorry to leave your house in such haste.

This is where our day took a turn...
When she was finished with Nats she had just started on my face when she received a phone call. 
On the other line was my dad and he informed Nat that Sam was seizing   
She had a panicked sound to her voice and said ok ok and got off the phone. 
When I asked her what was the matter she informed me,
"That was dad, Sam's seizing."

Looking back now it would have been so much better for me to hear the words, 
"he had a seizure."  I was imagining him actively seizing and not stopping.
We jumped in the car and I immediately called my mom. 
They were already on their way to the hospital.
She said he wasn't seizing anymore.
Thank goodness!

Sammers was perfectly healthy when I dropped him off at my mom's. 
He ran to the door and from what I was told watched my dad's train for an hour. 
Apparently he had an ear infection which caused the fever.  
I had no idea, and he never complained.  
He spiked a fever after my mom put him down for a nap.
She went to get a thermometer when he she came back he was having a seizure.
I don't entertain mental pictures of this- it's too much for me.  

I don't know if I can handle any other craziness in my life.  
Something we all kind of forgot about was how Sam had a seizure in the summer.  
I think there is a reason I am not with him when it happens. 
It would probably send me over the edge and I'm already dangling off the edge clinging to loose gravel by my finger tips.  

THIS is the post about his last one- yikes.  
Mia is so healthy in this post. 
Why is she gone!? WHY!!!

My sister and I got to the hospital first because we were already in Heber. 
Sammers was struggling for a long time after he got there.  
There is a word for it, and my sister was using it, but that word escapes me now.  
  My dad was there in the E.R. with out any shoes on. It was very sweet.  When I looked at him and then his feet he said, "we left in a hurry."  I am sure my parents were traumatized and I feel really bad about that.  I am sure I would have felt the same.  
I am not a trauma seeker at all! I don't know why or how it finds me. 

Here I am BACK in a hospital again with another one of my children. 
I just needed that baby in my arms from the moment I was told he was not well. 
I could hold him for hours. and hours. and hours.

John boy had taken Jense and Ells skiing and I didn't want to end their fun day, so we told daddy about after it was all over.  The kids loved their day with daddy skiing! 

After a couple hours and some testing and educating about febrile seizures we were on our way.
I love this little boy so much.  I am not that thrilled that he gets febrile seizures and I certainly don't ever want to be around when he does, but I will take him and if this is part of him then we'll deal with it.  This seems to be my year of learning day after day that I am not in charge and I don't have control over many things in my life.

A few things I learned that day

1) I don't like seizures!
2) Seizures are scary!
3) don't leave the house- even for birthdays :-)
4) don't try and do something fun with your sister
5) the Mayans were WRONG- or at least the calendar/world ending belief was.
6) Sammers will probably get more seizures which is the worst news of all
7) My parents are good people (I already knew that)