Jan 4, 2013

Turkey Trot - Thanksgiving Day

The Turkey Trot was lovely.  
We got there right when it started.

The kids decided to ride bikes and JB had Sammers in the bike trailer.  
It was a beautiful morning for a race.

I decided to hang out in the town hall instead of brave the cold... and JB was using my bike.  
These are two friends that came up to run the race.  They were the first back after a very long and treacherous run around the block. :-)  That's my style.  I got a good laugh at her number.  

She walked in and said, "Satan Wins!"  
Oh, this girl cracks me up.  
Apparently it was the only number left and they didn't want to give it to her, but she wanted it.
Thanks Christina and Lills for starting my day with a good laugh!


The very cute Waspettes handed out hot cocoa and bagels.
Love these girls!

Some friends from school, and several ward friends put together this bake sale.  
I can't believe the amount of stuff they had there to sell.  So much delicousness.
I really appreciate all of the planning, preparing, and effort that went into this.
There are so many wonderful people and I just want to make sure they know that we are very thankful.  So thankful!

After the race- my mom had my camera and took many of these pictures- thanks mom!

This is a classic Papa face.
Had to post it.
My parents were headed up to Whidbey Island for Thanksgiving, but stayed for this race.
I am glad they got to be here. 

I know that my friend Mandy Bonner had a lot to do with the auction and did so much.  I am very touched by everyone who donated to the auction- I wish I had the names of everyone who helped.  Megan McPhie, Angie, Kristen, Sarah, Krista, Amy, and Brittney, and many sweet sisters/ young women from my ward, and the drill team are all the wonderful people that I saw there.  I know there are many more that helped so thank you! I am so touched and feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people who care.  Mia left a big hole when she went to Heaven and I am reminded daily just how much she affected so many.  

My girl-  
I miss her so much. 
so so so so so so much.  
I want to reach into the photo and take her and have her.  

Sammers was asleep, but here is our fam after the race-
We wore purple in our hair for miss Mia.  

A friendly little game of tennis on Thanksgiving morning. 

Uncle Nathan and my sis Rae- not married... just the ones who were available to take a picture of. 

Jense took the go-cart out in the mud.  
This boy is all about off roading!
I love the shirts- the running turkey.. so great!

Ells and Syd played dress up - even though it rips my heart right out of my chest that she doesn't have her little sis to play dress up with... I am glad she has some girl cousins to fill in.  
Boo! Makes me angry and sad and defeated to think about her not getting to play dress up with HER sister!

A few more pictures... 

Daddy and Sammers riding to the finish. 

Jense finishing his ride...

Jensen's buddy- these pictures are from HERE.
Thank you so much for taking so many wonderful pictures Kristin!

Nathan again- pushing Syd. 

This is Danya and Katie!  They are the two women who organized the Turkey Trot.  The story goes that Katie used to have an annual Thanksgiving run with their family.  A few years back they decided to make it a public event and raise some money for a cause.  Danya contacted us and asked if we would like to be part of it this year.  They both are wonderful.  They came to visit a few weeks ago and we have been continually touched by their efforts and their concern and thoughts for us during this terrible time.  They are our angels. Thank you so much!

A huge thank you to everyone who was a part of this.  Thank you to everyone who came and ran the race, and worked behind the scenes, and everyone that donated so much to the auction, and the bake sale  and our family.  Thank you! We feel so much support from you all!  We sincerely thank you for your kindness and generosity.  We are very touched and appreciative of all of the love you have shown.  There are so many so so many who have done so much for our family.  Thank you for turning our Thanksgiving into an overwhelming day of feeling grateful.  It will forever be the most memorable thanksgiving.  Thank you!  Really... I could keept typing and typing about how incredibly grateful we are.  We are so blessed and experiences like these are helping us to heal.