Feb 17, 2013

Cemetery Visitors

When we went to visit the cemetery we found a little path leading to Mia. 

The path was lined with cute hearts and her name written in the snow. 

It was freezing cold outside, but it warmed my heart to see this.  I had a good idea who did this, but confirmed it was our friends the Jones family.  They are so sweet... and have very cold fingers now.  

Jense made a star out of glitter and glue.  
He wanted to hang it under the box lid to prevent the snow from ruining it. 

The glowy butterfly all lit up.  

My little family leaving the cemetery   
They are so little... it breaks my heart that they have to do this. 
Looking at this picture I wonder still if this is really my life!

When we were leaving I noticed the lights from the car turned the snow "pool pool."

I just miss her so much! My heart is always going to hurt.  

Today I received some devastating news that one of our friends who was waiting for a heart returned to heaven.  My heart is broken for her family.  I truly thought this sweet girl would get a heart.  I saw her a few weeks ago and she gave me three hugs and I just felt so confident that she would get her heart and be fine.  I didn't think it would be possible for another darling little girl with a heart condition to return to heaven so quickly after Mia did.  

I feel sick knowing what her life is like right now. 
It is the worst most awful pain.