Feb 28, 2013

Gymnastics Doll Party

Ellie's 8th birthday party was really fun.
She loved it and that is all that matters. 

This year she chose a Doll/ Gymnastics party. 
She is in love with her McKenna doll and McKenna is a gymnast so it was necessary to include both. :-)  The Dolls are enjoying their dinner at their own table.  I was thinking they would eat next to the girls, but when Ellie insisted on Spaghetti for dinner I thought it would be best to keep the dolls separate.  The dolls have their own little spaghetti plate, shortcake, and milkshake made out of erasers.  Apparently the IWAKO erasers are all the rage.  They have so many different fun eraser foods.  Some of them (like the dessert) you can take apart and reassemble.  
I even enjoyed playing with these erasers.  

Dinner Time!  I am loving Ellie's expression in this picture.  
She is turning into quite the clown. 

Elise brought her happy birthday head band for Ells to wear.  

The girl was completely spoiled this year.  I suppose if she is going to be spoiled, this is definitely the year it would be appropriate.  She has so many gifts (not the laundry basket) and loved them all. Jense wrote on the chalkboard and was a huge help getting it all set up. 

Her nana and papa really came through and made this homemade balance beam (up to regulation specs mind you) for the party. It is now in her room and she uses it every day.  She loves it.  Thanks mom and dad.  I think they could have a legitimate business here.  

Ells didn't miss her turn with baby Cal and insisted he try out the balance beam.
He is not worried about the balance beam... he is just here to smile.   

Sammers was also a big fan of the balance beam and still is.  I am surprised how quickly he makes it down the balance beam, when it's on the floor that is.  He recruited his ladies to help him out. 

This picture melts my heart!  
The look on his face... such a sweetie!

I didn't take a majority of these pictures, but I did request a picture of the dolly food. 
Thanks to Leesy, Kim, and Breah for all the pictures.  It was so nice not to be the one behind the camera.  

Sammers dismount. 

Three of the Waspettes showed up. 
She is in love with these girls. It was high on her priority list to have them there. 
I don't know what we will do when they go off to college. 
Oh, and of course Sam aka must be with a girl is in the picture too. 

Ellie was darling when she opened all of her gifts.  She would yell, "Oh I love it I love it! Thank you sooo much!"  It was fun to watch her be so enthusiastic about each gift and give everyone a hug.  Someone asked me if I coached her to be so grateful.  No I did not... that is just Ellie.  

We have always been big into hugs when you are given something.  So that, yes... 

Hugs for Sammers - Sammers got her some clothes for her doll.  

She was given so many things that she genuinely was thrilled about.
She got a book of state quarters from my parents.  She loves it.

This is the blanket I had made for her.  So she can have a picture of Mia next to her as she sleeps.  She loves it and had the most darling reaction to opening it.

The bottom heart says, "I missed you in the night."
Something Mia always said to us when she woke up.  Oh my heart!
I miss her so much!

Gifts gifts and more gifts!

We did some balance beam fun, and then played freeze dance.  There were a few gymnastics activities we didn't even get to but she didn't notice. 

During freeze dance Ellie came and asked me if we could play tag.  Since we were in a gym (best party place in my opinion) I was on board.  All of the girls chased her around, and seeing her sprint around the room with the look of determination and excitement completely warmed my heart.  
She was so happy.  I just want to protect her from any heart ache, at least for awhile.  
Her little heart has been broken enough, but she was definitely feeling loved on this night.  All of her little friends are such sweet kids.  I'm glad she has so many! 

Another picture of tag... she is pretty speedy. 

Not sure who she is negotiating with, but this look of worry captures her perfectly.
This is definitely one of Ellie's faces.

So proud of her splits. 

Me and my girl! Happy birthday girly.

More balance beam fun.  She put on her gymnastics outfit to help with her balance. :-)


Ells is turning into quite the little performer- 

 And actress-

She tried to do jumps and twirls and I am not familiar with the actual terms for move on the balance beam, but she was trying with all her might to do "the olympic girl jumps."

She landed a few- 
Gotta love the cart o' chairs in the background.  

Ta da!

One last official gymnastics pose.  She is such a crack up. 

Ells got this kitchen for her dolls... she is beyond thrilled about it. 
Sammy thinks it belongs to him, luckily Ellie is generous and doesn't seem to mind him monopolizing her kitchen.  He has broken a few things trying to open the food boxes, but Ells is a good sport.   

 She wanted strawberry shortcake for the dessert.  We used this lemon cake for the shortcake... it was delicious.  8 big candles- how did that happen!?

Happy Birthday Ells.  You are eight! YAY! 
Ellie will be baptized this weekend which is another really exciting thing happening for her. 

Ells with her Mia Minnie.  On her birthday. 
She had such a good day that she only said, "I wish Mia were here" one time. 
I know she wanted her there desperately... to blow out her candles and help open gifts like all her previous birthdays, but she survived.  She also has a lot of wonderful people who love her and are trying to take away the sting of not having her best friend here. 

A little blast from the past birthday HERE.  
She is such a riot.  It is not the first time she has been chased at a birthday party.  You have to watch the video to understand.  

Reading that post about Mia sent me straight into tears.  
Why can't she have her sister!?  
It's too sad!