Feb 9, 2013

IGLOO 2013

Years ago my brother-in-law Tim (the engineer) showed me how to make an igloo. Since then the kids and I build one each year. We built our first one at Mimi's parents while we were visiting Utah for Christmas years ago. Cindy said that it had thawed and refroze so many times it turned into ice and stood all the way into spring. Now that we reside in Utah, we can just build it right in our own yard.  Every time it was snowing the kids had one thing on their agenda- the Igloo.


 Jensen and Ellie are two serious work horses, and this has been a really fun tradition. The kids love any type of fort, and when we build it out of snow, they go nuts. We also usually get help from a neighborhood kid or two. It takes 5-6 hours (depending on size) to make one of these, so we love the extra help.  Here you can see Jensen's pal Brady holding up the brick while Jensen and I pack snow along the seams, fast and furious.

In years past we have used 5 gallon buckets to pack snow into bricks. We fill the cracks as we stack them and that is how it's built. This year we have a big pile of snow from the snow plow. I just cut bricks of snow and ice out of the pile and was pleased to find this much faster and easier.

Jensen and I are working on this move so we can perfect it while ice skating,.  We will be the first father/son doubles ice skating champions.  If I believe, I can achieve!

Ta Da!

They love it, so a hug was appropriate.

Ready!  Let's go!  Just had to bust out some cheer moves.

This igloo is just about tall enough for me to stand up in.  The kids mentioned staying the night in it, and I surprised them on Saturday when they saw me hauling out the camping gear.  They were overjoyed.  You should have seen their faces as we got it all ready for sleeping.  They spent a few hours all cozy in the bags that day, reading and playing with the ipod.  When night came, we blocked off the door and lit a Mia candle to provide heat and keep her light close by.  I actually had to kick the blankets off in the middle of the night so I wouldn't be too hot!  Though I was warm, being comfortable was another story.  I realized that my relationship with my memory foam mattress has become very close, dependant even.  The look on their faces was priceless as they work up.  Ellie opened her eyes and a combination of joy and wonder poured over her face as she uttered, "We slept in an igloo!"  Moments later Mimi peeked into the entrance and announced, "Church starts in five minutes!"  Ya, we arrived late.

Sammy loves the igloo as well. He calls it "in the tent." He was sleeping when these pictures were taken, but knowing my wife there will be a picture of him in the igloo.