Feb 22, 2013

Igloo + Sam = not quite.

Daddy really wanted a picture of Sammers in the igloo.  
He did after all help out for about ten minutes. 
I love how JB is attempting to pose Sammers.  He had his arms folded and was going for the one foot up option and this is the only picture we will see of that pose.  

He was not having it! at all!  
We told him we were going somewhere and he just wanted to get in the car. 
No pictures today dad!
He ran into the igloo before I could get a cute shot of him. 

Ells kept trying to tell him how to stand and after several failed attempts at bribing him, I just told Ells to look at me.  Her perfect little face in this picture makes me happy.  She is such a little cutie. 

Going for the serious face.  
I'm loving the fact that she has the paper in her hands.  She was going to write a note in the car. 

Still trying to get a picture of Sammers in the igloo... Ells is such a pleaser. 

Well, this is about it.  It is a picture of Sam- and he is infront of the igloo. 
Too bad the igloo is melting or I would give it another shot. 

Jense getting in on the action. 

One last try! Who doesn't want to stand on top of an igloo!? 
Sam, Sam does not. 
He just wanted to protest.  

Since he was being so grouchy we decided to take a grouchy picture. 
Too bad we are not inside the igloo :-)