Feb 18, 2013

Ladies Man

My son truly is a girl magnet.  

I took him to see the Waspettes perform.

He went from girl to girl giving them a hug... and probably a kiss from time to time.  
Once he finished hugging a girl he dove into the next girls arms.  

Once he got back to me he just started over again. 
He made the rounds probably five time. 
The girls ate it up.... naturally!

Sammers and "Jowdin"

I honestly can say I have no idea where he gets all of his flirting from.  He is the most affectionate little thing.  He is happy and confident and uninhibited and... I LOVE it!  The rest of us need to heed his example.  It was entertaining to watch as he went from girl to girl I was just thankful that he is my little boy.  I get to take him home and get loves and hugs from him everyday.  

I'm pretty sure he is the cutest thing on this planet!!  
He might be thinking the same thing.