Feb 20, 2013


Sammers wearing Mia's ballet outfit.  Ellie of course dressed him up.  
He was pretty pumped about it, truth be told.  
The first outfit he came down in was a gymnastics one and he danced around for a solid three minutes while we all laughed.  Such a little performer.  

When Ellie changed him into this outfit, suddenly all the lightheartedness disapated and my heart felt the weight of an elephant.  I don't even know if I have a picture of my Mia wearing this.
Her absence is so in my face and mean sometimes.   

I want to see her little body in this ballet outfit!
It just hurts.  My life is a series of pain and distraction and sometimes relief, but mostly pain.
I just miss her and want her... we all do.  

Sammy truly saves me every single day. 
He is happy and fun and starting to stir up a little trouble... yes starting. 
For me the craziness starts at 3... and three is quickly approaching. 

I can't get enough of him.  

Ellie loves to dress him up, and he loves the attention.  
I think it is pretty funny.  
Someday I will post the video of the dancing... he is quite the little ham.

Ells new obsession is gymnastics (even though she isn't in a class).
She changed from one gymnastics outfit to the next along with dressing her little "Samantha."
Her gymnastics party was really fun and her Nana and Papa even made her a balance beam.
Post coming up.