Feb 2, 2013

Ski School

I took the kids skiing the other day and...they loved it.  They want to go back so badly.  Jense took me by surprise last year and is not scared at all, quite the opposite.  He zips right down the hill with reckless abandon.   Last year he was so fearless that I swore I wouldn't let Jensen take the lift again until he had lots of time proving control on the bunny slopes, as well as wearing a helmet.  Jensen is very much a "look before you leap" type of kid so it has taken us aback to see him just point the skiis straight down the hill and go for it.

We were at Sundance and loved practicing on the slopes, especially since the rope tow is free!  This was Ellie's first time skiing and she was amazing.  I was blown away at her sheer determination as she battled and battled to get back up.  When learning, this is such a frustrating and awkward thing to attempt.  She made me proud for 3 hours, just trying and trying.  For the life of her she could not do a very big wedge, "pizza," as all the parents were shouting.  I was the one hollering "big pizza!"  I am not a good enough skier to ski backwards while coaching, quite the contrary.  So I kicked off my skiis and ran up and down the hill as needed.  Abruptly Ellie announced that she was done.  I took the kids into the lodge for a couple five dollar hot chocolates and bought an attachment for the front of her skis, connecting the front two skiis together.  I talked her into trying just a couple more runs.  With the new apparatus, she was instantly quite awesome.  She was so proud of herself and seemed to gain a new energy.  She began to stay on her feet when she got to the top of the tow rope, and she was skiing down the hill and right back into the tow line again.  We stayed for a couple more hours and we even ended up doing about 10 more runs after I announced that we were leaving.

I really look forward to this being something fun I can do with the kids over the years.  As I watched Jense grab the tow rope one handed, the initial inertia launched him up the hill and he just had such a look of confidence and stability, I was amazed.  I realized that it won't be long at all until I can't even keep up.

I love to snow shoe and bought a couple sets for the kids.  Sam was surprisingly quite good at tromping through the snow with these on.  The boy doesn't match, but he's warm!

When I proposed to Mimi we were snowshoeing up at Sundance.  We hiked a few miles in when I spotted an enormous snow covered boulder.  We climbed up on top of it and I asked her to be my wife.       It's been I while now since I have gone, but I plan to get back at it.  What I love most about it is that in a small amount of time, you can be walking through such beautiful snowy forrest, untouched by anyone as you pass through miles of virgin snow.

And he's off!