Mar 11, 2013

A Visitor from Japan

My cousin Keith who lives in Japan is more or less a celebrity at our house. 
He came to visit us last month and Ellie hasn't stopped talking about him. 
Despite failed attempts to explain how far away Japan is, she inquires about dropping in on him for a quick visit.  She always replies, "Oh yeah... it's too far," after I explain how long it would take to get there.  It really isn't a bad idea. I would love to go there someday.  Hopefully he still lives there when we are serious about going over. 

He told them to stand like a soldier

Then like an airplane.  Once their arms were stretched out he would scoop them up and spin around and twirl them at the same time.  He has some "circus tricks" I've never seen before.  

He brought us a treat. 
Tokyo Banana's.  
I thought they were tasty and it's always interesting to try something from another country. I really like the packaging.  (side story)  I remember my sister bringing back some chocolate wafer bricks from Jerusalem that I would really like to revisit.  They were so delicious!   

Ells insisted she take them to her class to share.  She packed them up in her backpack complete with knives and napkins.  Not quite sure how that went over at school, but there is one thing about Ellie that is dominant in her personality, and that is she wants to share EVERYTHING.  She wants everyone to have a "taste" of anything she has.  It's endearing and exhausting at the same time. 

More tricks.  He was such a good sport allowing my children to get their need for flying through the air satisfied.  Sammers would have stayed in the driveway all day being tossed around.  He loved it.  Keith, you are such a hoot and always have been.  I wish I had your energy!

Thanks so much for coming to visit, for dinner, the bananas, and turning my kids into your adoring fans.  Come back soon! - better yet, we'll come to you. :-)