Mar 21, 2013

Activity Days

Someone is old enough to go to Activity Days.
I happened to have my camera in the car when i dropped her off. 
She felt like the luckiest girl in town. 
She gets to hang out with over a dozen girls her age and learn fun stuff?!?... it's a match made in heaven.  She has two awesome leaders as well. Thank you Amy and Connie, she came home asking if she could go back the next day.

When the girls heard her arrive they ran to the door and huddled around her. I missed the first precious moment, but she turned to me on her third round of hugs.  
I may or may not have cried.  
I may or may not cry about pretty much everything these days.
She needs all the love she can get for the rest of her life.

I truly can't believe Ells is old enough for Activity Days.
When I was an activity day leader in Washington I thought she would never be this age.