Mar 17, 2013

Baptism Day

We made it to the church on time and even had time to take a few pictures.
I told Ells to stand with her dad and she said, "Dad go like this."
So he did.

She is such a goof.  She was really happy and excited about being baptized and had time to do some happy posing in the hallway.  I love her.

Ellie and her Daddy right before her baptism.  
A few weeks before her baptism we were talking about all the details and she was wondering if after she was baptized if she could swim around for awhile in the water because it didn't have any germs in it.  We haven't been to too many swimming pools over the last four years because well... we were encouraged not to due to Mia's immune system.  Ellie thinks like a transplant sister.  "Mom... no germs!"  I told her there wouldn't be time, but I promised to take her swimming soon.  This county really really needs a swimming pool that doesn't feel like a dungeon. 

Although I didn't want any pictures of my swollen cried for hours the night before face, I know it is important to have these pictures... so so important.  

Everything went well.  She was very happy and excited and everything was going perfectly.  She was really preoccupied about not getting "double dunked" which is exactly what happened.  Leading up to the day she asked her dad often not to double dunk her.

As I helped her change we talked about the neat thing that had just happend and how she could forgive her dad for double dunking her.

The first thing she said to JB after he came back was, "dad I forgive you."
He didn't know what it was for, but she explained why she needed to forgive him.
She is over it now, and hopefully the grandios events of the day have diminished her disappointment.

After her baptism we had a little lunch.  
She wanted sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries.  
My kind of girl. 
This is Ells and "Brookie Cookie."  

Mr. Constantly Smiling was up to his usual agenda. 

I tried to get a picture of Nats and Ells, but Sammer ran up and wanted Nat all to himself. 

Doing some negotiating. 

Nats and Ells.  Ellie was very specific about wanting her to sing at her baptism.  
Nat wasn't about to break any hearts so she did sing... with Raegan, Suz and myself.

Ells and her Mia blanket-
The special thing about her dress is that it is the same dress as Mia's.  It was the last one in the store, and Ellie was really excited she got the very last one of the same dress as her sister. 
It's really sad to think about. Really really sad, but also sweet.  

Nana gave a talk on feeling the comfort of the holy ghost and she made this quilt out of Mia's baby blankets (not all of them).  I love it, and am so grateful for such a talented mom.  It turned out so cute, and I think I will spend some good time snuggling with it. I remember each blanket. I just miss her so much.  

John boy and uncle "Bim."

Grandma and Grandpa Conway drove all the way from WA to be at Ellie's baptism.  
I am so touched they came, and they even brought two cousins with them.  

We had a good time while they were here and both Jensen and Ellie were asking if they could come back one day after they left.  Grandma also gave Ellie some special jewelry and baptism gifts.  
Thanks again! I know it is a long drive!

Time for a little Baptism day cousin fun.  
The kids got done eating quickly and played duck duck goose.  

The proud parents

Ells- not quite sure what is happening here, but she is happy. 

Nana and Papa. 

After the baptism Abbie and Ells took Max and Zoe for a walk.  I love that they were holding hands and walking the doggies.  So sweet.  Sammer and Syd were keeping pace too. 

I made a invitation and program in one.  
It was on sparkly paper... which she was all about. 

The day was beautiful.  A big thanks to everyone who helped make it a great day for Ellie.  At the end of the day she said, "Mom, it was a good day just like you said... I just wish Mia was here."  I imagine many of our good days are going to feel like that. 
I am so proud that she is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints.  To learn more about baptism go HERE.