Mar 12, 2013

Baptism excitement

Ells turned eight and was baptized this month.
It feels like that day was a dream.
I am so proud of her.
So proud!

We had to try on the dress and get some pictures for her invitation and program.
I am truly surprised I got this done.
It was a personal victory.
I'll take it. 

I took her up to the homestead in her pretty white dress to take some pictures. 
She wanted to take some pictures by the "ice castle."  She calls it an ice castle, but is more like an big formation of ice.  It is a homestead tradition.  I worked at the homestead (in high school) for years and have always enjoyed the "ice castle" coming to and from work.

She was considering climbing on up, but decided it was probably too slippery in her fancy shoes.  

Her sister's finger print around her neck and on her heart.

She loves this necklace and loves to wear it on special occasions. 
This is definitely a special occasion.  I am glad she picked this necklace. 

I just love this girl and this face. I think she is the prettiest little thing. 

This is the photo she chose for her program.
There is something very special about her dress...
post coming soon about her Baptism Day.