Mar 27, 2013

Conway birthday - John Blog

Ellie and Eli were really making us laugh.  We were sitting around eating some delicious food when Eli made it clear in a very polite and serious manner, that he had no interest in eating sauteed mushrooms.  I immediately took this as a challenge to get the poor guy to eat one.  He offered him a dollar to eat one, and it had to be the biggest one in the bowl.  With all the seriousness of a business deal, he concurred.  I selected a fine specimen.  Eli bravely popped it into his mouth, a steely and determined expression on his face as he began to chew.  I thought he was about to release this mushroom as he would a trapped animal, and that is when I began to chant and pound the table..."Go, go, go, go!"  All the kids jumped in chanting, and he did it.  Ellie was quick to follow suite.  She ate that shroom like a champ, and insisted that we honor her with the peer pressure chant:  "Go, go, go, go."  Jensen and Isaac made it very clear that they were not so hard up on cash.  Well, owing a dollar to each child, I brought down a two dollar bill.  I layed it between them and told them to work it out.  They were so sweet.  They just sat there and contemplated their predicament. After a few minutes I traded them for dollar bills.  Despite Mimi's disapproval I now use the chant to get the kids to eat things they don't care to, which isn't a lot.  Sammers ate multiple bites of his dinner drizzled in Sriracha sauce using this technique.  Now he loves Sriracha sauce.  He gets his taste buds from his mom.  

We were lucky enough to have Grandma Conway with us here in Utah for her birthday!  The kids were overjoyed to sing to her and make her happy birthday cards.  Grandpa Conway took us to Tucano's Brazilian Grill, which is always a special treat.  He ordered the Lobster tail and I have to admit it was delicious.  The first time in all my born days that I ever tried it!  It was indeed delicious.  We were glad to have them drive in from WA and spend several days with us.  It was nice to have time to visit and relax. Happy birhday Grandma.  We miss you every day.