Mar 26, 2013

It's Conway

Sam loves to holler, "It's Conway!"  Not sure why, but this strikes us as so funny!  He got cowboy boots from grandma for his first birthday, and somehow knew they were from her, and when he saw them a few weeks ago he yelled, Conway boots!  So cute.  When they arrived from Washington he kept running around yelling "Conway!"  Fun kid.  Grandma and Grandpa always have cute gifts to spoil the kids with. Thomas and an umbrella wrapped into one gift!  The boy loved it. 

I didn't have the camera ready when he opened the gift but when I said, "Sammy how excited are you about your Thomas umbrella?" - this is the face he made.

She also made him a Thomas card for his birthday.  
We love Grandma Conway cards!

These pictures of the two of them are precious.