Mar 29, 2013

Lucky Cupcakes

St. Patrick's Day wasn't that special this year... wasn't that special at all.  We didn't even wear green. I tried to make Christmas and Valentines as fun as possible, but I didn't even know it was St. Patrick's Day until these showed up at my door.  My good friend Brittany made these cupcakes... she delivered the same cupcakes last year.  

The best thing about these cupcakes are....

When you take your first bite you run into a rolled up bill... baked right into the cupcake.

The kids were ecstatic!  
It was fun to watch them wait in anticipation while everyone opened their cupcake. 

The kids hit the jackpot this year!!

I just love these little baby hands.  
When he unrolled his ten dollar bill he gasped and yelled, "It's the moneys!"
Then he carried around, "my ten dollars" for the rest of the day. 
He doesn't understand the concept of money, but he knows how excited the other to were so he followed suit.  He is so much fun! 

St. Patrick's day did turn out special after all. 
Thanks so much Brittany, you saved the holiday for my kids.