Mar 1, 2013

Racin' for Greyson

This little guy is Greyson-
He has stolen my heart. 

Just look at that face.  Babies with oxygen stickies have an extra dose of adorable!
Grey is the son of my good friend Charlotte.  She is one of my friends that has done a lot for me since October.  You might remember her from this post... she made the pinata. Sometimes when she comes up she brings Greyson and I threaten to steal him.  He is just too sweet for words and I know all the in's and outs of his feeding pump.  So that makes me a good candidate to care for him. :-) He actually has the exact feeding pump that Mia had before she learned how to eat.  Which endears them both to me exponentially.  Having a child tube fed is a big challenge, but they make it look easy.  Aside from being tube fed, Grey is unable to walk and is completely dependent on his parents for his development.  His parents give him the world and could really use some support.    

Grey was born with Actin 1 Mutation, a rare disease that is specific just to Greyson. 
This 5K is to raise money for his continued care.  I will definitely be there to support this sweet little boy!  I hope you will join me.  You really must come meet him.  A few months back he sang a song to me entitled "Mimi."  My name was the only lyric, and it completely melted my heart.    

It seems that I am the lone mama in a world full of marathoners, (thank you heart problems) but I will be there.  Truth is, I have probably used my CHD as a crutch because I genuinely do not like to run.  I'll will like it that day... for Mr. Grey!

To register for the race and learn more about Greyson, click HERE.

Did you click?  

I look crazy, but here are some of the girls including Cha.  
I'm so happy they are in my life!