Mar 28, 2013


Since Christmas Jensen has been really wanting to try out his lego mindstorm but felt a bit intimidated.  It is a set that can be built into different robots.  Luckily, Grandpa was in town and sat with him while he built the entire thing. 

He was really the perfect person to get this going.  He helped to verify that Jensen was building it correctly, then helped him understand how the directions worked and observed him build it step by step, offering pointers and small corrections when needed. 

I really appreciated that Grandpa let Jens do all of the building.  It's often easy to jump in and help and get something done quickly and correctly, when kids are involved... he was so patient.   It was neat to see hime mentor our little builder.

The design Jensen decided to build was that of a robot that can solve a rubix cube.  He build it from step one and mom helped by downloading the corresponding program into the "brain."  This little robot scans all sided of the cube, makes a couple of beeps, and goes buck nutty flipping and turning the rubix cube in a furry of movements.

Jensen entered this into his science fair and got himself a blue ribbon.  He was quite proud, and loved that kids flocked to see his creation.  He was even asked to go to BYU to observe science projects of college students.  I forgot to take a picture of the completed science fair projects... but this gives you an idea.  Love my Jense!  a lot!