Mar 21, 2013

Sammers and Apricot

May days are mostly filled with this little man. 
We play trains
We play angry birds the game (thank you Diane Brian)
We play "kittshen" a lot!
We cook "yunch"
We play with wax (don't ask)
We sometimes watch yo gabba gabba
We He jumps on the bed
We turn on some music and dance
We snuggle in his big boy bed
We "hatch" oranges and other fruits
We watch the chickens that like to kick up leaves in the backyard
We call his aunts on the phone
We watch play trains crash on youtube
We take a nap
We are always together because if left alone he turns into a scientist.
We sing "twinkle, Child of God, and abc's" at least five times each.

With a face like this I can't refuse any of his requests.

On this day we went to visit Apricot, our favorite bunny
Maya and Brookie cookie got a bunny for Christmas and Sam asks to visit Apricot all the time. 
He could us a bunny in his life.  

Besides Butterscotch he has two of the cutest girls to entertain him. 

Just sleepin' by the fire. 
I loved finding small spaces to camp out in when I was a kid. 
Sammers definitely likes to be cozy!

Post coming up with his latest scientist disaster.
Today while creating a minor distater he was singing:
"we nebber ebber ebber getting back togedder."
It was playing last night at the lip sync (mutual) and he has been singing it all morning.

That song reminds me of my Meena.  It is the last song I remember her singing out loud.
I thought it was so cute that she was running around singing it.
Such is the life of a mom who lost her child- there is always a memory about your angel child hitched to everyday experiences.

Sam keeps asking me when his Meena  is going to come to his house.
I NEVER have the right words to tell him.
So sweet and innocent.
He wants his Meena.