Mar 25, 2013

The Baby

Sammer woke up bright and early.
He is now sleeping in his "bigaboya" bed. 
He thinks he's pretty hot stuff... we think so too. 

He constantly wants to be wrapped up in a "brrreeto."
His "blayndees" aren't quite big enough for an adequate burrito, but he seems fine with a loosey goosey one.  Nana is a good sport with Sam's constant requests. 

Once he is all wrapped up, he needs a be held, "like a baby." 
A bottle doesn't hurt either. 
I love the look in his eye looking at his Nats. 

Meena requested to be held "like a baby" often, especially after every tubby. 
I would max out all of my credit cards and sell everything I own just to hold her like a baby today.  My arms ache everyday to hold that girl and hear her laugh.  
Days like today feel like I will have to live a million lifetimes before I get her in my arms again.
Thank heavens I have Sammers to squeeze.