Mar 2, 2013

The thing I want most

Jense has random hard days.  He is mostly sad in the evening when it is time for bed.  He wants his sister and is such a tender spirited boy.

Tonight when I was doing our nighttime routine of a chit chat before bed and songs he said,

"Mom, you know what I want most of all?"  to which I replied, "What jense?"  "I want Mia to come back, it's just hard you know?"  "Yes, it is Jense. It is really really hard. I want her to come back too. really really badly."

"Mom, do you know what I want after that?"  "What?"  "I want to find my DS."  I got a good chuckle.  He lost it when we moved, and he just can't ease his curiosity about where it went.  The boy has never lost anything (besides his sister) before.  No possession that is.  He is so responsible and organized and keeps track of his things, that I understand why he can't let it go.  He is the opposite of Ellie. Complete Opposite.  I imagine it is in a box somewhere in the garage and maybe we'll find it in the summer.

I am entertained by his list.  Mia first, DS second.  Two things that just won't resolve for him.  I know one of them I can't help him with.  I'll see what I can do about the other one when it warms up.  Poor kid.

Another funny thing he said as he was going to bed was, "Mom, do I have to meet the girl I am going to marry at college?"  "Do you ever marry someone that you knew in 3rd grade?"  I told him that many boys marry girls that they knew in the third grade.  He got a little smile on his face and adjusted his head into his pillow.  I love him.  I am not ready for him to wonder about marry someone in his class though.