Mar 28, 2013

You're Heaven

I was told by someone recently, "you're heaven."  I don't know why, but it completely made my day.  I just felt like it was something I needed to hear especially because I feel like I am the opposite of heaven.  I am definitely living the opposite of Heaven.  I have never heard this said to anyone before, and I think it is such a wonderful thing to say.

After tucking the compliment into my heart I thought about what I believe is heaven.  My children are heaven.  HEAVEN!  All of them.

I wish that I could visit Heaven. Wouldn't that be lovely... if we could just visit? It would still be awful not to have her here being adorable, but at least I could see her and breathe her in for awhile.

Mia is Heaven.  Every little thing about the girl is Heaven.  She has always been heaven, and I was convinced she was Heaven the moment I first held her.  Now that my little Heaven is in Heaven I have to scramble everyday to remember the perfect Heaven I had with all of my children here.  I was looking through pictures for my mom to send to my grandma, and I ran across these.  It's like this beautiful song starts playing in my heart when I see her face.  I think for my birthday I will spend the day watching home videos.  When I see her little face I get a little slice of Heaven.

If only I had recorded a few moments of my kids everyday.  I just miss that little peanut so much.  so so so much.  If I go down in history it will most likely be for missing my daughter who is in Heaven, and not for "being heaven."  I will take this perfectly timed compliment and hope someday I can believe him.