Apr 3, 2013

Balloon launch

The snow is long gone, but these pictures must be posted. 
John boy is now helping me catch up... just posted some from back in March. 

When Grandma and Grandpa came out for the baptism we went to the cemetery. 

They brought balloons and flowers for the kids to honor Meena. 

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl. 
These four little kids surrounding her site shoot a searing pain through my chest. 
It's not natural for little kids to have so much heaviness in their lives. 

Daddy tied on the princess balloon for his princess. 

Good-bye balloons-
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa.
It was great to have you here- and thanks for bringing the boys!

Leaving their hand prints in the snow -

I am so glad these two boys came down for Ellie's baptism!
We miss them as our neighbors!
It was such a treat to have them here especially because they are exceptionally well behaved. 
John and I got a kick (in a good way) out of their proper grammar and general polite disposition. 

Aunt Beeps/Dillon- your boys are delightful!
Thanks for allowing them to spend time down here. 
Jense and Ellie cried when they left. Which made me cry. 
We miss you guys a lot!

While I am at- a little bird told me everything you guys have done for our family!  It is my sister in law Anne aka "Auntie Beeps" that has orchestrated a year of love for our family... hence the continual influx of packages full of happiness.  I am so touched and grateful for this! 
So so thoughtful.  You are a wonderful person Beeps!
  The kids get so excited every time a package shows up. Thank you! Truly!

Thanks to everyone involved. 
All of the gifts of love have definitely made us feel very loved!
 I have taken a few pictures of some of the packages... I will get them uploaded. 

Sending love back to all of you!