Apr 2, 2013


The day before Easter was really busy! 
We started off the day with a candy hunt (no eggs) at the local park.  

Sammers of course wanted to stop and open the candy along the way. 

The kids all came home with a bunch of candy. 
I was surprised to see just how much.

My little niece Alyssa is so cute!
They came into town for Easter and because she was born on the same day as Sammers we decided to have a combined birthday party. 

More candy opening. 
I just love this little guy.  

Sam asked to "died the eggs" every five minutes the previous day. 
He was pretty excited when it was finally time to "died" them. 

Natalie and Ells took it very seriously. 

This year I bought these little painting sticks- they are awesome. 
The kids loved them and so did I.

The sun was setting but I knew if I didn't take a few pictures it would never happen. 

Easter morning I managed to get out of bed and be the Easter Bunny.  
They kids were so excited about an easter egg hunt that I couldn't disappoint them. 
John boy was working and I was crazy sick.  

Perhaps it was a manifestation of how ill I feel that my little girl is not here for yet another holiday. Whatever it was, I managed to take a few pictures then went back to sleep. 

Sleepy little faces hunting for eggs. 

Sammers used Mia's "pool pool" basket because his is broken. 

Sammers cleaned up with the money eggs.  
All of the kids found some two dollar bills.
I love two dollar bills. I ask for them every time I go to the bank. 
Not sure why I love them so, I just do.   

I will have to plan a re-do for Easter Sunday when I am feeling better. 

Her purple basket breaks my heart. I wish I could see her holding it, running around, and collecting eggs. If I haven't expressed this enough... my life is really really difficult. It has never been this difficult... EVER.  I miss that little girl what feels like triple the amount I did the day before. 

I just need her.