Apr 30, 2013

Ells Talent Show

Ells insisted on doing a drill team hip hop dance for the 2nd grade talent show.
I agreed and toned down a few sets of eight to teach her and her friend Lilly. 

Her favorite part of the dance was the handstands... a non negotiable move.
She still remembers some of the moves from when I frantically tried to lean the dance for this
She sings the song often (as does Sam) and now has a dance to go along with it. 

Mommy fail moment: I accidentally cut the music wrong and added a verse to it that didn't belong. This mistake completely messed them up.  I should have had them practice with the CD and not the entire song.  When it came to the point in the music that they had no idea what to do they both just stopped dancing.  Ells didn't skip a beat and asked if they could do it again.  I laughed at her simple request  but tried to convince her she did great.  She wanted to finish the dance and the school counselor did indeed let them do it over at the end of the talent show.  Once I figured out what I did wrong, I just had them repeat the chorus part of the dance.  I feel bad.  I thought for sure I had cut the music right.   She was upset for the rest of the day and thought she did "really bad."   Luckily she forgave me quickly and is already talking about next year.  Her second performance was actually perfect... and I was so proud of her and Lily.  

I am so glad she has such a good friend! 
I am crossing my fingers they are in the same class next year!