Apr 13, 2013

Mia Challenge

Hey Meems!

Just wanted to let you know that I heard about a ward in my Stake that is doing what they are calling a "Mia Challenge" in honor of your girlie. The Young Women each have a little lantern that represents Mia. They are encouraged to give light and love to all around them, just like your Mia did, and to always be strong, and courageous no matter the circumstance. I wish so badly that Mia was still on earth with you, but I am so amazed at the hearts and lives your sweet girl touched. What an honor you must feel to be her mother. She is a valiant and beautiful soul! She continues to touch lives all over this country... even here in Castle Rock, CO. When my sister in law called to tell me this story, I couldn't help but feel so blessed that I was able to meet your sweet girl, and witness her light, love, joy and glory. She is one of a kind!

My heart still breaks for you daily. Its not fair. She should be with you. You were such a perfect mother for her. I hope one day you will feel a glimpse of peace and love from all those who have been changed for the better because of your Mia. Thank you for sharing her with the world.

Love you BIG!

ps. I found these pictures from when I met Mia for the first time in the Summer of 2011. I will always remember that day, and how I wanted to just scoop her up in my arms. Surprisingly she let me. She must have known how much I loved her. She is too cute for words.

I am so blessed with friends like Erin.  I have girl friends from growing up that love Mia.  There is something comforting about having my long time girl friends love and care about my girl the way they have.  The Mia challenge is very fitting for my perfect little girl.  

Giving light and love to all around them describes her perfectly!
I miss that light desperately.  

To all the young women in Colorado who have taken the Mia challenge... I am very touched and do feel honored to be the mother of such an inspirational little girlie.  I wish I could give you all a big hug.  Young women have my heart and this email completely made my day. 

Thank you!

A few days ago Erin was in town when I was in Moab.
She texted me this picture she took of her sweet Jada visiting Mia.
They left a windmill.

Erin I love you to pieces! Thank you for being such a good friend to me for so many years!
Thank you for taking time to visit the cemetery when you had so many things going on in your life.
Prayers for little Reiss!