Apr 9, 2013


I found this picture in my camera when I uploaded pictures recently. 
John boy took it when I wasn't home. 
I love surprise pictures... they make my day. 
Although this particular picture pulled at my heart wondering why he lugged a bag of mickey nugs and ketchup up the stairs.  

JB must have been late feeding Sammers his lunch and Sam took matters into his own hands... literally. 
The look on his face is so sweet and pitiful. 

Yesterday was awful!! Awful by all accounts. 
This little man and his little face is my very best brand of therapy!
He is a simple man.  If I feed him, play trains, eat his pretend meals, and clean up his messes he is happy as a clam.  I am grateful I have this boy to fill my days while everyone else is gone.   
He saves me from crying all day.