Apr 3, 2013

Sam Sam is 3

Happy Birthday to my Sammer Jammer!
He is officially 3.

We had a joint party with his cousin Alyssa that was in town visiting.
They were born on the same day- on April Fools day. 

Sam and Mia are long time fans of Yo Gabba Gabba. 
They would sings the songs and dance the dances. 
Now Sammers sings and dances alone which breaks my heart, but this is a happy post about my boy. I do love that they shared their love for "Fuuufa, Brobeee, Pwex, Tuttie, and Muno."

The intro song reminds me so much of my Mia and Sam.

MUNO! He's tall and friendly
FOOFA! She's pink and happy
(for a long time I thought it said: she's freakin' happy)
BROBEE! The little green one
TOOTIE! She likes to have fun
PLEX! A magic robot

Let all come and play with D.J. Lance Rock today!


I had balloons tied to chairs and some flew up the the ceiling. 
Sam thought it was great!

We ate "SAM wiches" for "YUNCH." I love how he calls it Yunch... I think we will always say Yunch. Daddy decided to play an April Fools joke on Sam and push his face into the cake. Sam thought it was hilarious, but the joke was on daddy because after multiple face dives the frosting did not get on his face. 

Daddy showing off his muscles. 

The kids played musical chairs. 
Sam had a sandwich but decided for his birthday he would splurge and eat a bun with nothing on it. 

Ells up to her usual shenanigans tormenting Chris. 
You can tell he really enjoys this. :-)

Fun Party stuff!  I found the cute DJ lance boom box a tags online.
We never even got around to the slinky and frog game... we were signed up for the Easter train.    

We did some yo gabba gabba dancing.  
On a song that says hold Stiiiiil this was his pose. 
He does the same thing at home. When the music tells him to wiggle wiggle wiggle he goes crazy. 
I will try and get around to a little video clip.  He is so much fun!

Dance party with my boy!  

Jess and Alyssa having fun at the party.  I was happy they could come visit.  It was fun to see her family.  Ellie was in Heaven with two little girls to play with that love her.  I wish they lived closer because Ellie could really use them in her life.

The sweetest little birthday boy on his "burssday."

His little face does my heart good. 
We should have done his hair for his party.... 

I try to always get a picture of the kids together on all the b-days. 
Cute kids!

The birthday boy and girl. 

Alyssa is such a sweet heart. Very calm and sweet and a good balance to the boy whirl-wind that is Sammer Jam. 

What?!  A drum set?!  Weesie and Christmas gave Sammers some drums.  You can tell by the look on his face he is pretty excited about it.  

He was using the force to try and open one of his gifts.... then it started hitting it.  Luckily there was a train inside.  He got the state quarters and a train set from his Nana and Papa.

My friend Britt (lucky cupcake maker) also gave him some trains.

This boy loves his trains!

Alyssa loved opening her gifties as well.  She opened a bubble guppies toy.  My kids loved bubble guppies when we lived in WA and had channels.  Now if it's not on the ROKU... no can do. 
Sammy picked out a bucket of play food for Alyssa which he convinced himself an hour later that he bought it for himself.  I was able to distract him, but he made a really strong case about how it was for Sammy's burrsday. I think she enjoyed all of her gifts as well. 

Plex is in da house!
He was so excited about his comfy Plex costume. 

My friend Carrie used a dryer duct for a robot candy dispenser.  The kids loved playing it at her house so we gave it a go at the party.  Sammers and Alyssa loved sending candy down the tube to the kids below.  Then they took a turn receiving the candy.  It was a fun variation to a pinata. 

My little Drummer Plex.  He started pounding away... it was so stinking cute!

He loved his party and is enjoying everything he was given. 
Thanks to everyone who came!  Thanks to Nana and Papa for helping me set up. 

Birthday Hugs for Christmas.

Happy birthday to you, my Sam!
I love you so so much.
If you could stay three for a few more years that would help me out!