Apr 15, 2013

SB 3 & 4

We finally made it to Moab!
This lovely red rock greeted us and we made the initial turn into Moab. 
I have no idea how this could possibly be, but John boy has NEVER been to Moab!!!
It just doesn't seem possible.  

I requested he take this picture from the passenger seat. I was busy driving and doing my southern Utah tradition.  Every time I drive to or from Southern Utah I listen Indigo Girls.  I can see vividly in my mind as a teenager sitting in the back seat of our car listening to Indigo Girls and feeling happy that I had a portable DVD player.  In high school you can listen to the same CD over and over and never get sick of the songs.  Now?  not so much. 

I enjoyed listening and remembering past trips and how I wondered if I would ever travel south and stray from my tradition.  Southern Utah and Indigo Girls/Dixie Chicks go hand in hand.  

Once we finally made it to the campsite we had friends from our ward who had already been camping for a few days.  Once the tent was set up the kids didn't waste any time playing inside. 

Jense and Zack were off to explore-

The kids (even Sam) had free reign on the nearby rock formations.  
Sam didn't go off without a buddy (which were plentiful) but was definitely in his element outdoors and dirty. 

This is my dear friend Lisa.  Remember Lisa? She has been battling a brain tumor.  She is amazing and is officially done with her treatments. It makes me happy to think about what a miracle she is.  

My favorite part of the campfire conversations was when I tuned into what Ellie and Tucker were talking about. 

Some of the adults were talking about where they met their spouse and when they got married. 
The little conversation next to me went like this: 

Tucker: "ewwww"
Ellie:  "What?" 
Tucker: "I don't like all the marriage stuff... the kissy yucky stuff."
Ellie: sighs contently, "I like it."

So awesome!  It totally made my day. 

The Calderwoods brought their 4 wheeler and Sam was in Heaven going for a ride with his dad.

Ells was pumped to have a friend there. 
Cute camping girls!

It is fun to be in Moab with friends... Ell and Jense wanted to stay "five nights."
Our first night in the tent was pretty rough.  The wind kept caving our tent down on us... good times.  The sand didn't hold down the stakes and if it were not for our bodies in the tent it would have definitely blown away.  

The next morning JB, Corey, Laura, Jake, and Zack went mountain biking on the Slick Rock loop. 

The rest of us opted for the park. 
There is a musical playground really close to Slick Rock.  
It had outdoor instruments... the kids didn't waste any time playing each and every one. 

Sammers spends a few minutes each day on his drum set, so he is all practiced up. 

Jense runs around so quickly, but I finally caught up with him!
Such a handsome boy.  

On the other side of the musical park was an actual playground.  The kids loved the bench/swing.  I would too.  We miss our porch swing... maybe we'll have to get one this summer.  

More Moab on the way-