Apr 12, 2013

SB day 2 "cook em"

John boy got a job and started working the week of spring break.  Our plans were to spend the week in Moab, but because we couldn't go down when we planned we brought Moab to us... well sort of. 
We just made a fire and roasted marshmallows at the fire pits.  

Sam refers to this as "cook em."  
He kept saying: "mom, let's go cook em!" 

He is such a big helper carrying the wood with his dad... he also wants to go everywhere in his dino jammies.  He won't be able to wear these for much longer.  

The kids used their "ninja skills" to break the big pieces of wood.  
Despite Ells being skin and bones she is surprisingly strong.  

After a little while the Jones family joined us.  It was too dark at that point to take pictures, but we love having them around.  Watching Sammers sprint to weesie screaming, "HI WEESIE!!" over and over never gets old.  He is such a little ladies man. 

Later that night Sammers got another gift from his big bro.
Jense is so stinking cute!
Jense took this picture of Sammers opening up a gift he gave him. 
The day after his birthday Jense wrapped up all of his matchbox cars and gave them to Sam.
Jense was pretty excited about passing them on.

more spring break a comin'