Apr 16, 2013

SB day 5 Rock Climbing-

Sammers got a strider bike for his birthday.  He opened it a few weeks early because we are now those kind of parents :-)

He is so adorable... and took forever to get from our campsite to where we were going to rock climb. I didn't mind walking slow because it was a beautiful day and the perfect temperature.  It stayed that way for about an hour...

Sammers was a little crazy man and had climbed to the top before any of noticed he was gone.  He had been practicing climbing up these rocks for the past day and a half and he thought he was good to go climbing up this big one. I ran to the top to retrive him and daddy took this picture. I was so relieved to get him into my arms.
 After that we didn't let him out of our sight.   

Ells was excited about her turn to rock climb. She ran all the way back from camp. 

Ells was the first of our kids to give it ago.  She did great.  She climbed up quickly and when she got to a ledge (on left) she decided she was over it and wanted to take off the harness instead of repel. Luckily we had some friends up top to unclip her.  It seems like the kids had no problem climbing up any rock solo, but once you harness them up to the rope they lose all confidence.     

Jense climbed to the same spot then opted to repel back down.  My friend Laura is Mrs. Outdoors and can basically do it all... and she was belaying for Jense.

The storm clouds started rolling in and we could feel it start to rain.
Once we made it back to camp it was full on raining... but didn't rain for long. 

Sweetest little rock climber!

Sammers and Ells are big into cooking shows.  It is kind of their thing as of late.  
In fact, we just filmed their first cooking segment.  Sammers was busy talking to himself describing what to do next while playing with his sand.  

I heard phrases like:
"First, hatch it"
"Mix it up mix it up"
"put it in da oben"
"all done"
"get some more in der"

He seems to have "you chef" on hid mind.  
I loved watching his culinary sand creations. 

This boy had sand in his ears when we made it home.  Sand was everywhere. 

When it was Sam's turn, he shot up the side of the hill in true Sammer fashion.  Just like Ells he opted out of coming back down.  He was rescued by Joe and handed down to daddy.  I love the picture of his tiny little body rock climbing.  So cute!

Another little person I couldn't get enough of is Sage.  She is the youngest of Laura and Jake.  Her sweet little demeaner reminds me of my Mia.  When she would ask me for something she would tap her finders into her other hand repeatedly as she asked.  It was like Mia was standing there asking.  The hand tap is something I saw hundreds of time from my girl when she was telling me something.  I miss her so much.  Sage has blonde hair and is just a gentle little soul like Meena babina.

I need my Mia!

Did it!

Over the few days we were there the kids kept asking to go driving like the jeeps did. 
Unfortunately we were driving a mini-van.  Sorry kids!  It was fun to watch the jeeps drive all over.  

Me and my boy.