Apr 17, 2013

SB day 6- Arches

We were joined by the Sellers in beautiful Moab.  I was so glad they came down.  We spent the entire day in Arches.  We only made it to two stops, but they are my two favorite. 

The hike up to delicate arch was hot, but it felt nice after the rainy weather the day before. 

Sammers was a crack up.  
He would run (his crazy run) for 100 yards and then sit down on the path. 
The best thing about his run is how much his arms flail behind him... it's like he's trying to be goofy when he runs.  This is a perfect picture of his crazy arm run.  I love how both of his feet are off the ground... I need that kind of energy. 

We took little breaks along the way- mostly per my request :-)

Happy little campers!

Nathan carried Cal up and when Sammers got tired from all the running he took a rest on daddy's "shownerrrs." 

Mia loved to be carried around.  She just liked to be close.  She would always request:
"I wanna carry you."  
Then I would reply, "you want to carry me?"
Mia: "yeah."

I miss that little girl more and more as I'm forced to live without her.  
It just hurts... a lot!

We made it!  
Pay no attention to the tourist anxiously waiting to take a photo... 
I will edit him out someday. 

The kids wanted to take pictures by themselves.
When I saw a cluster of people jumping trying to get a mid air photo my heart was palpitating. 
It made me so nervous to watch them jumping... I think I am turning into my mom. 

Such a beautiful view.  When we got to the top I wished Mia had been there with us.  She would have loved it.   I'm hoping that someday I can fully enjoy a family outing without the sting of her absence-   
It kind of seems impossible. 

The Sellers fam!

On the way back JB and the kids climbed up to the window- I remember sitting up there years ago. 

After we left we headed to my favorite place.. Sand Dune arch.  

I am still finding sand everywhere a week later, but it was so worth it.