Apr 19, 2013

SB- Sand

We made it to sand dune arch and didn't waste any time getting the kids buried in the sand.
They loved this! The kids spent the majority of their time digging holes and being buried.
The memories of the cold soft sand came rushing back from the last time I had visited.





Baby Cow- this face is awesome!
He wasn't so sure about the sand.

Sammers enjoyed climbing and jumping off this rock into JB's arms.

Suz and I made our way to the top of the arch.  We have a picture from our childhood like this. I would love to find it and do a side by side photo.

Sadly we needed a little rescuing getting down.  Nathan caught us as we slid back down to the sand.

Thanks for all these pic Suz!

Jense was so happy just to be a head on sand. 
He said, "Mom can you take a picture of me and print it out for my wall?"

He has a wall in his room covered in pictures... this definitely makes his picture wall. 

Sammers and Ells went into the hole together- 

Once Jense was buried again Ells relished in torturing him while he had no hands. 
He laughed, but got free quickly. 

On the way back to camp we pulled over to this huge road side sand hill.  
The kids ran up and ran down... it was exhausting watching them. 

Sammy climbed halfway up then ran down with JB.
I was enjoying the sand from the car... and sadly
my camera battery died right before they ran down so I don't have any pictures of their excitement   

We had a lovely spring break besides the usual sad cloud that hangs over us. 
The kids can't wait to go back, and I think John boy is now a big fan of Moab. 
Hopefully we can make it down more often.