Apr 28, 2013

Songs for Mia

Wanted to share a cute email and video from the Kovacs famiy. 
So sweet!  It's really touching to receive things in my inbox of how you have celebrated her life in your own way.  I have been texted this week about how Mia has changed the lives of some friends... and it is comforting to hear. Thank you! 

Today Mia has been on all our minds and hearts I am sure. I was touched today that my sweet Liz orchestrated a full 'Celebration for Mia' for FHE tonight, complete with decorations, cupcakes she made from scratch, and a stage for our 'program.' I was touched by her thoughtfulness, but had no idea that it would prove to be a very tender experience for all of us. We one by one went on the 'stage' t...o share something we loved about Mia. Spencer and Levi were holding back tears. We all were. And then there was Elizabeth's sweet song for Mia. So full of true love and devotion to her memory. She had been thinking about this song all day, and what she would say--but I'm pretty sure she was making it up as she went. So precious. She wore a shirt today with a heart surrounded by larger and larger hearts. She said that the outer hearts mean that even though her memories of Mia may fade from her brain, the inner red heart represents that her love for Mia will always be in her heart. I thought I would share Liz's song with our family on this page, as it says what we all must be feeling. Our love goes to all of you, John, Mimi, Jensen, Ellie and Sam!

This next video is of Mia's heart sister Kaidence.  She got her second heart transplant this year and we just love her to pieces.  I love her Mia song.  

Thank you both for sending me these videos. They are so precious! So precious.  
I know there was a third video and I can't find it in my email.  

If you sent me a video of a song for Mia please resend. 

The kids have been working on a little Mia song of their own... song to come.