Apr 10, 2013

Spring Break Day 1

The start of spring break was Sammers actual b-day.
We decided to head to the valley for some fun. 

Sammers is a fan of the tickets. 

Fishing game. 
This game is his favorite... it produced the most tickets.  
He won 500 tickets and was pretty excited.  
The last time we were there Ells won 1,000 tickets on that same game and promptly gave them to her brothers. 
Such a giver that one. 

My little birthday boy was all about the video games.
skee ball was not his strong suit.  He threw the ball at the cage a few times... woopsie. 

We tried twice to use the photo booth, but it wouldn't spit out the pictures so we did some photo booth faces outside when we left. 

Grouchy Face

Goofy Face

Birthday Face!  Jense got a flip comb thing.  He loves it... he walked around all day flipping out his comb then nodding his head and he combed his hair down.  He produced a few laughs.  

After we went and saw a "moodee" we went to eat Thai food. 
Thai food is every ones favorite.  Tom Ka Gai is a big part of our "deener" rotation. 
The kids just love it.  Meena loved it too.  
The kids call it "white Thai food." 
It's delicious!

We were the only ones in the restaurant and Sammers was throwing a little birthday fit.
He wanted to sit at his own table... across the room. 

Nat's came to the rescue with monkey preschool lunchbox. 
That app will forever remind me of my Mia. 
We made it through many an echo using monkey preschool lunchbox. 

Lighting an Easter cake I grabbed from the grocery. 

How old are you today Sam?


I mean 8!

Yes 8!

I love love how is other hand is straining trying to get the his three fingers to stick. 
This boy has my heart!

Happy 3rd b-day again sweet boy!