May 1, 2013

Beautiful Things/ Beautiful People

There are so so many wonderful things that entered our home and lives this past year.  Much of which I have yet to post about.  I decided to start with one room and photograph items in that room. These are the beautiful things from beautiful people in our front room. 

My uber talented Brother in law Nathan painted this painting of my girl looking up at the ballons as she sends her messages off to Jacob in Heaven.  I love this painting and think he is so talented.  I had a few people asking about if they could purchase his art made from barn wood.
If he starts doing commissions I'll let you know.  

My dear friend Jennifer Frink orchestrated a gathering of all of our Washington people to show their love and support.  Jenn, you are so thoughtful. Thank you so much for doing this.  She had everyone gather at a high school in Puyallup and my friend Jennifer Wilcox took these pictures.  I loved reading the sweet messages from everyone on the matt.  I love that they spelled out Mia.  They also did a balloon launch.  I was watching it via face-time (thanks CP) and just had tears streaming down my face.   

The other side is a heart shape.  
I am so touched they all gathered to do this.  
I am so grateful that so many love my little girl and care about her life.
Mia is one loved little girl!

We miss our Washington friends and family!
Thank you so much for doing this. Truly! It is so lovely.

It is hanging up in our front room reminding me of all the love from Washington. 
Thank you thank you!

My beautiful neighbor came over and did these hand impressions of the kids the week of the funeral.  She gave us so many different variations of her work.  I love them all!  We have ornaments of Mia's hands and feet, and a wall hanging for each of the kids.  She is so sweet and so kind to do this for us.  Thank you Kelsie!    

A shelf full of love for our Mia.
My sisters and a fellow angel mommy Amy made the beautiful letters. 

We love all of the Willow trees! 
I wish I had written down everything that came in the mail.  
I want to thank everyone personally, but there was so much and my brain was not present. 
If it was you- Thank you!

Another thoughtful gift came from a girl who does hand molds.  She came and took castings of our little Mia's hands and feet.  This is her blog.

Mommy and Mia's hands.  
I remember dipping my hands while holding hers for one of the last times and I just truly wanted to be done with mortality.  I can admit it now, but there was no way I could let go of her and allow myself to carry on without her.  That was an awful awful day! awful!

I just want that little hand.... wrapped in mine.  
I need her. 

IHH had one of her flowers dried and placed in this heart.  
Thank you IHH!  I really really like you! :-)

Quick plug for IHH- we have a Heart Hero 5K coming up for all my runner friends.
You can dress up in super hero costumes... yes yes you can. :-)
Register HERE.

There were so many flowers the week of Mia's service.  Flowers were everywhere.  I put a bunch of  dried flowers in one of the vases.  Sadly I didn't dry them enough and they got moldy.  I had to throw them out and start over with these.  It is difficult to tell but there are so many flowers in the vase.  Thank you so much to everyone who sent flowers! They were beautiful and now I have this to remember the kindness of family friends and strangers.  

One room down... a few to go.  So many people have been so good to us. 
Thank you for your love.  I wish I could reach through the computer and hug many of you who have been so thoughtful and caring to my family and who have been in love and fallen in love with my Mia.  I admit... once you see her face it is a slippery slope!