May 9, 2013

Interactive Television

I usually sit down to blog in the evening when the kids are in bed.  It's just what I do.  I like to read too but I am constantly behind so I usually end up on my laptop.  Last night I didn't feel like writing about anything.  I mostly want to complain and express how sad I am all the time, but I ended up staring at the screen wondering what happened to my life.

This night however, I just sat and typed word for word what I heard as JB watched TV.  I have no idea what he was watching... I think it might have had something to do with zombies.  I steer clear of all things zombies, but I realize how much I appreciate his interactive TV watching.  He makes me giggle when he watches his "shows" because he gets so into it.

In any action show we watch together he talks during the show... like he is a part of it.  Essentially he is a commentator and he usually has really funny things to say that make me laugh.  I can see how this would be irritating for a lot of people.  It is not for me because generally I do not appreciate action movies so he turns it into a comedy for me.  He is so witty and comes up with the craziest things to say.  He also does this during movies I enjoy.  Last time we went to a movie he not only had me laughing but my sister and the couple with us trying not to be disruptive by laughing.  It's just what he does.  He is sneaky with his remarks... and the way he says things often gets my belly hurting. He is also not shy about commenting on cheesy things too.  He just has to talk his way through movies/ TV shows... and I don't mind it.

He had no idea I was watching or listening to him on this night... because I was typing away from across the room. These are examples of what he says when he is watching TV by himself.  I will have to be sly and write down things he says when we watch together.  Definitely more funny if he is talking to me than the TV screen...

"get em!!!"

"that's what I'm talkin' aboooout"

"now!! Do it now!" (telling the actor when to shoot his gun)

"That's a big gun"

"come on"

"Oh no.... not a good idea  (insert characters name)" He talks to the characters, on a first name basis.

"Don't do it _______ "

"heh heh"

"Woah! That's gonna leave a mark"

"Do it."

"you're hosed now dude"

"Oh, you shouldna done that!"

"Yeah, you're not gonna recover from that."

"Yeah... definitely definitely won't be getting back up."  He pronounces definitely "definly" and says it quickly two times.

"That's jacked, that's jacked....."

" Croickey"  (yes he really did say this.) trust me. I know.

He also talks to the characters using the name they had in the first show/movie he saw them in.  For example, Jack Bauer's daughter in the show 24 will always be Kim; no matter what show she is in.   When he talks to them during the show sometimes his characters name span over a decade.  He can cheer me up with his humor.  He is one funny guy.

This truly had nothing to do with anything... just a peek at this man of mine.