May 4, 2013

Mia Flowers

My aunt Lani sent me picture of all of these flowers she planted. 
If you don't remember Lani click Here, herehere, here, or here.... or here.  There are more, but those will get you started. 
That first link was posted exactly two years ago... and makes me ache for my old life. 
All of those posts make me ache.  I just need her back.  
We had such a good life!!

The rest of the posts just feel like a stranger wrote them.  Some super happy stranger that was lighthearted and full of life.  

Back to Mia's the fall Lani told me she planted a bunch of bulbs for miss Mia. 
It warms  my that she did this.  
Everyone needs an aunt Lani!

My aunt Lani was in the room when Mia came into this world.  
This makes her a witness to one of the best days of my life.  
If I could rewind to that day I wouldn't hesitate. 

 Just like my little girl all of the flowers are simply beautiful.
I love all of the blossoms... I wish they were in my yard!
I would love to have the gene/knowledge that she has in which she knows the names of all plants/flowers and how to take care of them.  
It is a dominant Giles DNA code that I did not inherit. 
I guess it's never to late to try to learn. 
I love all of the flowers Lani!  
Also, thank you for the beautiful bouquet of purple flowers you sent.  They were beautiful and believe it or not lasted for a long long time!

I truly appreciate all of the love we have been shown.  It sure feels like we are still in full swing of people showing how much they care. 

Thanks again Lan - for everything.