May 12, 2013

Re-Post Mother's Day

I wish I could rewind to the day I posted this post!  Jessica, We love you so much!  Happy mother's day.  Jacob is our angel!  I wish I could see you today and we could cry together.  We will always feel an overwhelming gratitude to you for giving us our little girl.  
We miss her greatly and know how much you miss Jacob!

Today we want to honor the brave and wonderful mother of Jacob, Mia's donor.

Happy Mother's Day to the mother who...

gave Mia her life.

It is the greatest gift we will ever know.

We want you to know on this mother's day...

we love you, and know how much you miss Jacob. 
We wish we could reach through the computer and give you a Mother's Day hug.


Happy Mother's Day from your heart daughter.
You will always be a Mother.

For Jessica from Lilly McDowell on Vimeo.

A little re-post  Tribute to my mom... Happy Mother's Day mom!