May 20, 2013


My little man is saying the most adorable things right now.  I try to write them all down, but am only successful at maybe 1/4 of the things I want to remember.  Here is the last few months of things I wrote down.

" I want you to sit right here and enjoy me."

"I wuv you weesy" whispered to himself as we pulled out of the drive way

"Can we do it?  Uh yeah... I fink so." From bob the builder. Now he answers me in like manner.

"I'm so proud of you!"

"oooo- that's so fancy"  He uses the word "fancy" probably more than he should.

"I'm the bad guy."  When he's being grouchy.

"You happy about it mom?"

Sam will look at me for a long time.  he holds my gaze and it seems like he is older than he actually is.  It is unusual for my kids at least at his age to make eye contact for so long... I love it.

"This is great"

"It's ready!" after making a meal

He has pretend phone conversations with someone named Maybe.
" Call me, maybe, hi maybe this is Sam" For the first few months her name was "naybe"  now after the unrelenting music selections of his sister he has corrected his friends name to "maybe." When will that song leave me alone?

Sam loves making up songs using the tunes of child of God and jingle bells.  I just heard him singing in the tub about ice cream trucks using jingle bells.

"bright like a diamon"  I have no explanation for this.  Sammy said it one day and John was busting up laughing and I had no idea what it meant.

"I want Meena!" - The agony from him wanting his sister is currently ruining my life.  It's not nice... it's not fair... and I don't want his little heart disappointed day after day. Stupid!

"chugga chugga choo choo... coming station"  I hear this all day long along with other screeching train noises.  He is very animated and had his own commentary while playing trains. I need to record him.  I would like to know why there are 10 million different versions of train tracks?  Why?  I have 10 of those versions and they don't even sorta kinda go together.  If you have boys... stick with ONE brand of train.  Or pull your hair out like me when your son insists on a multi version of track for his trains.

After snuggling in the morning propped his head into his fists and said, "How much I love you!"
said it repeatedly. I think I already blogged about this, but it's so cute... I need a little refresher!

When I told him to come and eat he got on his strider bike five feet away and pushed off to where I was and said, "That was a boorn out!"  He is so excited about his bike he needs to ride it to lunch that is five feet away.  "Boorn out" is one of his favorite sayings.  He says it often and we pretty much adore him for saying it.  He also combines Boorn out withe motorcycle... he calls it a "boorn out motorcycle."

"Put it in a bowl and put in the oben "microwave" and cook it. cook it four minutes."

"Wub you mom"

"It wasn't on the floor... it was on the ground."

"Where you going dad?"
"I'm going Home Teaching."
"I wanna go Home Depot."

I was using the food processor and the blade fell from the top of it down and sliced my ankle.  When I was showing Sam because he has to be in the action he said.

"Oh mom, be careful!!"
"That's sharp... it can hurt you."
" That's dangerous"
"Did you get blood?"
"Need a kiss it?"

Right after my run in with my food processor John started singing an opera song about how I don't belong in the kitchen. I do though... it is one of my favorite places.  John's singing let to more singing and pretty soon Sammers was singing Les Mis songs standing there on the kitchen counter.  John would sing a verse and Sam would repeat it word for word.... the kids asked him to sing it again and he replied " it comes."  The words "Ok... here it comes" coming from Sammers made us all laugh really hard.

Sams new saying is:
"Dun dun duuuuun"
He says it after a lot of random things and it always makes is laugh.

"I got my hands dirty mom.... dun dun duuuun."
" Can you help me find percy?... dun dun duuun."
" I don't need to go potty... dun dun duuuun."

Sometimes he will just walk in the room and say it.  I think because we laughed so much when he started saying it, dun dun duuuun became part of his daily vocab.

When we recently visited the cemetery Sam started screaming "My Mia!!!" when we pulled in.  Once out of the car he sprinted over to her.  Heart wrenching, yet sweet.

Many more Samisms to follow....

- pictures and bubble hat by ells