May 26, 2013

Surprise Video- Bike for Mia

Tomorrow is Memorial Day-
I never thought I would have a perfect little girl to honor on Memorial day. 

We are excited for the Bike for Mia ride and look forward to seeing family and friends.  

Tonight I clicked on an app on my computer that I never use.  The only time I used it was when I tried to record Mia singing "I am like a star shinning brightly."  I have a dozen or so of these videos and I miss her terribly.  I just want her back.

Life was so beautiful with her in it.  
I watched these little clips of her over and over until my eyes got droopy. 
I still can't believe I can't have her little voice to brighten my day.
Sammy kind of steals the show in this one, but my Meena is still in the frame... wearing one of her favorite "pool-pool shirts. :-)

Tomorrow we will be sending "pool-pool" balloons to Heaven with messages for our girly.
We will also be thinking about all of her little friends who are in Heaven with her.
We will blow some bubbles for Miss. Kylie!