May 29, 2013

The Circus

A while back we took the kiddos to the circus. 
Sammers finally got his "slusssee" after calling out "slussseee" every time the guy walked passed.
He was not a fan of the camel ride... but loved the ponies.
Jense and Ells loved all of it!

The guy balancing on the high wire almost gave us a heart attack, but recovered nicely. 
My sister and I were secretly watching my mom and how cute her expressions were watching all of the dangerous parts of the show.  Love you mom!

The entire night I kept thinking about how much Mia would have loved it. 
I just want her to experience life with her siblings... with her parents...
It's so difficult to try and have fun without her.  
In my core it just really hurts my feelings... like really hurts them... that she is not here.